A Minute With Mayor Willey

Easton was rocking with the bands participating in the Frederick Douglas Day event this past weekend. Bands from Easton High School, Easton Middle School, and Cambridge South Dorchester brought the Town to life.  The program put together by the Frederick Douglass Honor Society was exceptional.  The weather is terrific, so go out and enjoy what Easton offers: stroll around, meet new people, and dine at any of our great establishments.  There is still time to have a family picnic in one of our lovely parks—plenty of things to do this weekend.

 The school teams are doing well, so catch up with your favorite sports and cheer the young people on. This weekend, the Fire Department is hosting one of its major funding events, with over 900 people expected to attend the annual Beerfest. Grab a ticket if there are any still around. The event sells out fast. 


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