We drive economic vitality, smart

redevelopment, and business

formation to foster a healthy quality

of life for all generations.

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Downtown Development

Easton Economic Development Corporation presents a kick-off meeting for 2021 downtown planning activities.

Welcome to the EEDC

Easton Economic Development Corporation was launched in 2013 to drive economic vitality, smart redevelopment, and business creation in the historic Town of Easton, Maryland to foster a healthy quality of life for all generations. The EEDC works toward managing Easton’s continued growth as a diverse and healthy “smart town,” leading innovation where the land and water meet.


Creating an environment that promotes investment in the Town of Easton

We are working with town, county, and state agencies to eliminate roadblocks that impede smart growth. By creating a lively, business-friendly climate, we are poised to become a destination for entrepreneurs to work and live.


Growing the Town of Easton as a diverse, healthy, and affordable "smart town", which leads innovation in a place where the land and water meet

We are leading efforts to establish the Town of Easton as an innovation center, both in terms of quality of life and economic growth. Specific projects include: Connecting the heart of downtown Easton to the waterfront through the redevelopment of Port Street; Establishing an Innovation Center to apply cutting-edge research and technology for new business formation and entrepreneurship; and establishing a food hub to connect local food producers to unmet demand for healthy, local foods within a 200-mile food-shed area.


Providing, creating, and catalyzing for the production and distribution of, as well as access to, healthy food from our land, bay and rivers.

The Town of Easton is surrounded by the beautiful rural landscape and waterways of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The EEDC seeks to support and enhance the region’s rich agricultural and seafood heritage through a variety of projects, including: Launching a food hub to connect local food producers to unmet demand for healthy, local foods within a 200-mile food-shed area and attracting and supporting healthy food producer businesses.



The Port Street Redevelopment Project

The Port Street Small Area Master Plan, developed by the Town of Easton and the Easton Economic Development Corporation, is meant to guide future development for the area known as Easton Point, and the Port Street corridor connecting Easton Point to downtown Easton. Through its redevelopment, Port Street will become a vibrant gateway into the Town, with diverse uses including cultural, housing, open spaces, walkability, recreation, restaurants and retail.

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Chesapeake Harvest

The EEDC established a regional brand, Chesapeake Harvest, to actively manage the marketing and sales of source-identified food products from local and regional producers to satisfy wholesale, retail, and institutional demand.

Chesapeake Harvest envisions a regional food production and distribution system that increases sustainable agricultural employment on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and contributes to a vibrant regional economy, enhanced food production, distribution infrastructure, food security, and the preservation of farms.

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