Business Support

Helping Businesses Connect With Major Resources

Easton has a thriving business community with companies that actively engage with one another and the broader community. These businesses are supported by an extensive network of outstanding resources.

Economic Development

In addition to Easton Economic Development Corporation, businesses in Easton are served by the Talbot County Office of Economic Development. Both organizations assist businesses with site selection, expansion projects, workforce opportunities, infrastructure needs, and access to state and local resources and incentives.

Chamber of Commerce

The Talbot County Chamber of Commerce serves a membership of over 800 businesses that represent 8,000 employees. The Chamber participates in the consideration of issues impacting the business community at the local, state, and national levels. It also builds partnerships with government, education, and other organizations that impact its members.


Business Organizations

The Easton Economic Development Corporation helps connect companies with local, regional, and state organizations that deliver services to the business community, including: