A Minute With Mayor Willey

As promised, the annual street paving process is starting in Easton. This year, paving is the most significant one-year project ever. So please be patient. The last street concert of the season was held on Saturday and was very well received. It appears one of the last sections of the Rails to Trails is under construction. It will go from S.  Aurora St. to Port St. when complete. A great project is already getting a lot of attention. Hats off to the Chamber of Commerce for recognizing many of our long-term businesses on Saturday night. Lots to do this weekend. This Friday is Easton Night Out and promises to be a fun evening with a number of downtown shops open until 8 p.m. and three live musical acts throughout. We also have the Avalon’s Jazz Experience this weekend, which is sure to be fun for all. With all of these activities, don’t forget to be courteous and lend a helping hand where needed.


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