Easton Volunteer Fire Department New Training Facility Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Easton Volunteer Fire Department (EVFD) held a groundbreaking ceremony for emergency personnel and firefighters at the upcoming fire training campus on Mistletoe Drive. The groundbreaking was not only a celebration but an essential step towards establishing the future of rescue operations on the Eastern Shore.


Daryl Caldwell, First Lieutenant of the EVFD said, “We were excited when we had the blueprints for this facility. This event is a milestone for the fire department. We’ve never had the possibility for this type of training locally before.”


Located at 9095 Mistletoe Drive, the new campus will be a hub for all volunteer firefighters across the mid-shore region looking for specialized education. It will also be one of three places for volunteers looking for certification on the Mid-Shore. Local fire departments hope that statewide training at this new location will draw in more recruits and create a greater force for good and service within the community.


Caldwell led the ceremony, addressing and expressing gratitude to federal, state, and town officials as well as service members from the EVFD. After the groundbreaking, the celebration continued at the Easton Volunteer Fire Department. The new facility’s design plans were presented, and discussion was held as to the next steps for acquiring funds for the project.


Caldwell expressed his excitement for the campus becoming a place that mixes the new generations of emergency personnel with those from the past “You need both. Things are constantly changing, and you learn from each other. I think it’s great, and it will be a place where people can bounce off new ideas.”


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