Chesapeake Harvest Launches New Website

The Easton Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its newly updated Chesapeake Harvest website []. The new site highlights the work Chesapeake Harvest’s community-based produce safety educators are doing to help growers meet their produce safety needs. The site also serves as a resource hub for both growers and educators. 


On the new site, users can learn more about Chesapeake Harvest’s services, including produce safety education and training, one-on-one coaching for growers, on-farm risk assessments, food safety planning, audit readiness, and our community-based produce safety train-the-trainer program. The resource hub provides a wealth of information across many produce safety topics with videos, downloadable templates, and sample documents so that growers don’t need to start from scratch. 


EEDC Executive Director, Tracy Ward, is thrilled with the success of Chesapeake Harvest’s produce safety programming and the new site’s functionality. “Implementing food safety practices is important for all produce farms, no matter their size or customer base. We’re here to make sure it’s easy and affordable for growers to receive the training and resources they need to reach new markets, improve operations, and keep both farm workers and consumers safe.”


Chesapeake Harvest envisions a food system that contributes to a vibrant regional economy with enhanced food production, distribution infrastructure, food security, and the preservation of farms. We see sustainability not as a fixed point, but a pathway of continuous improvement. Chesapeake Harvest values local, clean, and diverse ingredients bursting with flavor that fuel the growth of a regional Chesapeake Cuisine, seeking out farmers who show their commitment to regenerative agricultural practices that protect the Chesapeake Bay. 


Chesapeake Harvest programs, webinars, and video presentations are funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Food Safety Outreach Program.


Website development was a joint effort by EEDC, Local Concepts LLC, and D2D Creative.


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