A Minute With Mayor Willey

Great news for our town, as the funding under the American Rescue Plan (ARPA), is now available. An application can be found on the Easton MD website (https://eastonmd.gov/562/American-Rescue-Plan-Application).  If you have any questions on how to complete it, contact Charles Connolly at 410-822-2525. 

Every month it seems we are telling you how busy Easton is, and September is no exception. There is much to do this month, including a 20th Anniversary program of 9/11, the installation in the Hill community of the Frederick Douglass mural (painted by world-famous artist Michael Rosato), along with the celebration of Douglass’ 200th birthday. Culture Crossing is happening again, along with the Hispanic Heritage Festival. Of course, Sounds of Summer concerts continue downtown. Plan now, and don’t be left out.

On top of all the festivities, school is in session, road repairs are taking place in several locations, and the annual road paving is set to begin; so remember to be patient as summer winds down.



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