Easton Design Guidelines RFB

The Town of Easton is soliciting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to update Town Design Guidelines.  Easton established a locally-designated Historic District in 1976, with associated architectural guidelines for development activity within the District.  With no corresponding guidelines or standards for properties located outside of the Historic District though, there has been concern about controlling the quality of development in these areas.  This led to the Town adopting Design Guidelines intended to guide the review and development of projects in these areas.  These Design Guidelines were adopted in 2005 and while useful, they are now dated.  There is also a feeling that these guidelines largely recommend replicating Easton’s Downtown/Historic District and that this approach is not always appropriate or desirable.  This RFP has been issued to update both sets of these Design Guidelines.

The full Request for Proposals can be found https://www.eastonmd.gov/Resources.html.


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