Downtown Development Update

Town Council Presentation – Easton Economic Development Corporation’s (EEDC) Downtown Development Director, Jeff Lankford, made a presentation to the Easton Town Council on February 15. During the presentation, EEDC outlined their programs for 2021 that support delivering and executing a transformative strategy that is generated through meaningful community engagement and informed by analysis of the downtown district’s market position. The programs included spring and summer events and activities, communication, marketing strategies, downtown volunteerism, and ambassador programs.

EEDC reviewed the two surveys sent out this winter: The first survey asked for Easton businesses’ opinion on outdoor dining and parklets. The second survey took a look at customer feedback and marketing reach for the Downtown Easton Card. When coupled with ongoing business feedback and committee input, the information presented outlines recommendations and requests of the Town of Easton for 2021.

A merchant meeting and presentation will be scheduled via zoom in early March, with more information to come. Click the link here to see the full council presentation.  Click here to view a PDF of the presentation.


Valentine’s Day Carriage Rides – On Valentine’s Day weekend, EEDC organized a Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides series. The Tidewater Inn allowed the use of their driveway for riders to get on and off the carriage and even sold a few packages for guests booking a romantic weekend in Easton. The rides provided an elegant tour of the downtown district and sold out Friday and Sunday. Due to icy conditions, the Saturday rides were canceled, but Tanglao Carriage Driving company will be back this spring to make up for the lost day.

Riders came from far and wide to enjoy downtown tours. One family said that despite routinely visiting family in Oxford, they had never taken the time to visit Downtown Easton as they drove through. Another couple from near Dundalk said their Easton experience had only consisted of driving through the town on their trips to the beach.

EEDC will continue to promote Downtown Easton through additional events and marketing throughout the year.

You can read the Star Democrat article on the Rides here.


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