Downtown Easton Card Update

Easton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) introduced the Downtown Easton Card on Dec. 6, 2020. Since then, the e-gift card program has sold over 100 e-gift cards with sales over $7,000. Recipients that received the Downtown Easton Card as holiday presents are starting to spend their cards, bringing customers to town and money to registers during the slower winter months.

The initiative was launched during the holiday season to help downtown Easton restaurants, shops, and other businesses that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The program’s initial goal was to provide a new resource for holiday shoppers looking for ways to support local businesses. The gift card is purchased online and spent at the participating location in Easton. The online process cuts down on in-person contact, a plus during these socially distanced times. To date, there are 35 locations activated, with many more being registered.

The program has many more benefits and opportunities, giving EEDC a tool to market downtown Easton well past the holidays. A survey conducted after the first month of sales revealed some of the cards were purchased by people living out of state searching for a unique gift that could be enjoyed by friends or relatives living in Easton. Many more gift cards were purchased because of the assurance that the money would stay in our community, and the recipients liked seeing the wide variety of available options.

The next step for the program is to continue using it to market downtown Easton and the unique shopping experiences the town offers. EEDC is asking businesses to consider gifting the Downtown Easton Card as a substitute for other employee perks or customer loyalty programs they may currently use that don’t support money staying in our community. The EEDC team is also investigating sponsorship and grant opportunities to provide buying incentives and programs that support more sales and more money to the participating merchants.

Customers can purchase a Downtown Easton Card at To participate in the program, contact


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