Easton Robotics Announces Small Farm Product Plans

Easton Robotics announced today its plans for a line of products designed for small farms around the name ermmi™. Announced at FIRA, the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics, the ermmi™ robotic vehicle will be the company’s core product.

Designed as a robot to carry out specific tasks commonly found in agriculture, the company intends the robot to appeal to small farm operators. It will carry a price point well below those of robots designed for large farms. In designing the robot, simplicity of operation and control are key elements. Jeff Chandler, CEO of Easton Robotics stated, “Our goal is to offer farm operators a product family that works for real farms, not just huge fields of pristine crops in wide rows. Smaller farmers practicing no-till farming, with crops in densely planted rows, and working in parcels under twenty acres cannot use what I see being designed at the top end of the market. Our goal is to offer solutions to the rest of the farmers in the world.”

By combining the base autonomous ground vehicle with task-specific arms and implements, the ermmi™ family of products will address farm operators’ needs in a flexible and affordable way.

About Easton Robotics, LLC

Easton Robotics is a start-up company that focuses on developing robotics for small farms and small parcels of land. Founded in late 2019, the company is in the initial funding stage for the design and development of such applications.

Based in rural Maryland on the Eastern Shore of the Delmarva peninsula, Easton Robotics understands the economic challenges of farming small parcels of land. By focusing on business benefits of direct revenue enhancement, cost avoidance, and crop yield impacts, the company expects to help small farmers increase profitability. For more information, see the company’s website at www.eastonrobotics.com. Easton Robotics, LLC 346 N. Aurora St. Easton, MD 21601 info@eastonrobotics.c


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