Workforce Inclusion and why Talbot County should take notice

Workforce Inclusion and why Talbot County should take notice On the Eastern Shore, we have a need for a workforce that is strong, steady and reliable. Few realize that there is a pool of workers right here that tends to be overlooked with traditional recruitment. People with disabilities often do not get an opportunity to share their strengths. At its basic level, workforce inclusion is making a commitment to actively recruiting, and not excluding, this population when considering new candidates for open positions.  The number one data point that sits at the top of the pile for successful businesses is the simple presence of people with disabilities in your company!

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region–and the hundreds of Arcs across the nation–have always known that inclusion and diversity are good ideas. For years, we have been on the ground with the individual success stories, person by person, business by business. Now after decades of studies about inclusion, we have statistical proof: Accenture and the Association of People with Disabilities have found that companies that focus on inclusive hiring practices have double the net income, 30 percent better performance on profit margin and 28 percent higher revenues.

What is the secret to workforce inclusion?  We will give you a few examples in next month’s Waypoint.

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