Net Zero Homes

Net Zero homes will soon be built by the Housing Commission of Talbot. Nine new units will be built in two multifamily housing units: one two-story structure with five units, and a second with four units. Each will have two bedrooms and one bath. These homes will front closely upon Port and West Street, maintaining the spatial scale and pattern of the surrounding neighborhood. Eleven parking spots, located behind the buildings, will be provided for the residents. The units will be built to a passive housing design with high energy designed heat and air systems, solar panels, extra insulation, triple pane windows, environmentally approved materials and a pleasant site design.  The project will include eliminating the utility poles and placing all utilities underground. The sidewalk will consist of brick pavers, like those installed on the opposite side of Port Street last year. The Housing Commission will be accepting applications from income qualified individuals and families that meet the criteria.


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