Easton Revises Waterfront Zoning Plan

The Town of Easton has nearly completed its revisions of the Mixed Use Waterfront (MXW) Zoning Regulations. After reviewing a number of comments at its December meeting, the Easton Planning and Zoning Commission made final changes to the document. They then forwarded the proposal to the Mayor and Council, who held a public hearing on the proposed changes as part of their February 4, 2019 meeting. The only public comments at the hearing came from members of the Planning Commission. Council President Ford is keeping the record open for any written comments up to at least the next Council Meeting on February 18th.
The Planning Commission has been working on what it calls MXW2 for about a year. After considering a number of issues and options, the commission has determined that the most significant proposed revisions are:
• The creation of “bonus provisions” whereby certain development standards might be exceeded (up to a limit) upon payment of a fee. The proceeds of this fee would go to funding some of the public amenities for Easton Point identified in the Port Street Small Area Plan.
• A proposed reduction in the maximum permitted density from 30 du/ac (or dwelling units per acre) to 12 du/ac, with the potential to increase back up to the 30 du/ac via the bonus provisions.
• A prohibition of residential uses in the Water’s Edge (i.e., first 100 feet) sub-district, unless residence is located on the upper floor of a live-work unit.

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