Welcome Windswept Clothiers

Right across from the Avalon, a new and charming boutique just opened this past September. Known as Windswept Clothiers, the store is the culmination of a passion that Debra Principi has toward women’s clothes; more specifically, coats. “I love coats,” says Debra. “I love anything to do with regular coats, dress coats, and wraps.”

Her husband encouraged her to create an online business, but then she found a small space on Dover St. that was perfect. As far as the name, Debra recalls, “I was crossing the Bay Bridge, and my husband, who was in a separate car ahead of me, called to warn me that the bridge was really windy. And when I heard the word ‘windy,’ I thought windswept, and that became the name of the company since it features apparel that deals with the elements: wind rain, sleet, or snow.”

So far, she says, it’s been an exceptional experience. People are out and about and excited about her little shop. In fact, 50% of the people who’ve stopped by are from somewhere else and just visiting Easton. Debra also is thankful for the hospitality she’s received. “The other shopkeepers, people who own businesses around me, are incredibly welcoming and helpful. It’s such an enjoyable experience getting to know the people in the area.”

Windswept is located at 41 E. Dover St. in Easton and is open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10 am-5 pm.


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