Local Businesses Support Hopeful Campaign with Banners and Ice Cream

(Easton, Maryland – October 9, 2020) Local businesses are supporting the Hopeful Campaign in a variety of ways – from hanging “Hopeful” banners outside their establishments to developing a “Hopeful” brand of ice cream. The “Hopeful” buzz is catching on.

According to Richard Marks, who founded the Hopeful Campaign with his wife Amy Haines,
“Businesses want to get on board and help us raise funds for the Mid-Shore Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund and help support local nonprofits surrounding hunger, homelessness, and mental health. We are thrilled that so many businesses have stepped up and put the banners around Talbot County. This week, we were particularly pleased to learn the Scottish Highland Creamery in Oxford created a new ice cream flavor called Hopeful – lemon ice cream with strawberry chips – and it is delicious!”

“The Scottish Highland Creamery wanted to support the Hopeful Campaign because we feel it is important, now more than ever, to help give people hope for the future. As we have all experienced the effects of the virus, we wanted to support the organization’s mission to aid the Mid-Shore Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, which assists the underserved residents of Talbot County,” comments Kendall Gant, Manager of the Scottish Highland Creamery in Oxford.

“We appreciate both the message and the mission of the campaign and are proud to use our platform to share it. We love that the Hopeful Campaign allows us to engage with our community while directly benefitting those most affected by COVID-19!”

Hopeful 2020 is a collaboration between Dock Street Foundation and the Mid-Shore Community Foundation. The campaign hopes to raise $100,000 for Mid-Shore Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund by using the arts to inspire our community to remain hopeful during the coronavirus pandemic. There are four retro lighted Hopeful signs around Easton, as well as banners with the Hopeful logo throughout the county. In conjunction with the Talbot County Arts Council, residents can expect to see additional art projects coming up this fall.

The Hopeful Campaign wants people to take their photos by one of the Hopeful signs or banners and post them on social media with a message about why they are hopeful and most importantly, asks you to Be Helpful as well as Hopeful by making a donation on their website at   www.dockstreetfoundation.org  Funds will support local nonprofits through the Mid-Shore Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund as they respond to hunger, homeless, and mental health needs in our communities.

To post a banner at your place of business or purchase one, email . Also, bumper stickers and masks are for sale at Vintage Books and Fine Art in Easton and Sprout in Easton and St. Michaels to support the campaign.

Photo caption: The Scottish Highland Creamery in Oxford decided to name a special ice cream flavor after the Hopeful Campaign – it’s a lemon ice cream with strawberry chips. Pictured are supporters of the Hopeful Campaign at the Scottish Highland Creamery. Standing left to right Richard Marks, Amy Steward, Jordan Langrell, Brandon Langrell, Dru Haines, John Mann, and Beth Anne Langrell. Seated left to right are Kathy Bosin, Kendall Gant, Manager of the Scottish Highland Creamery in Oxford, and Diane Flagler. Absent from the photo is Joan Levy of the Talbot County Arts Council.


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