Shamrock Lights Installed in Downtown Easton

Pictured above:

Left – Easton Public Works Department employee, Logan Lyons, installing a shamrock

Right – Shamrock mounted on a light post

If you have been admiring the shamrocks on Easton’s street light poles, you’re not alone. They are brought to you by the same people who create the yearly Christmas decoration you see on the 193 street light poles–Easton Public Works!

According to Michael Dickerson, Superintendent of Public Works, it started with a staff member suggesting that they make shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. “With the blessing from the Town Manager and Town Engineer,” says Dickerson, “I drew a shamrock on a large piece of cardboard as a guide, and our staff members were able to convert this into a metal rendition with lights. Shop staff, along with our Project Manager, cut the metal and heated the metal in our forge. It was then formed into the shapes resembling the leaves of a shamrock. These pieces were then welded together, and a stem was added. Then they were painted and had lights added.”

The “Shamrocks” were placed on eight colonial street light posts on North Washington Street, where the town’s St Patrick’s Day event is held where they will remain until March 18th.


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