Rural Maryland Report

The Rural Maryland Council published a special report, 2020 Rural Prosperity Investment Initiative: Building on the Past; Investing in the Futureestablishing that Marylanders living in rural communities:

  • Are achieving success in education and employment,
  • Have access to quality and affordable health care and other vital services, and
  • Live in an environment where civic and business entrepreneurship thrives, and where natural and cultural resources are being sustained for future generations.

The report also outlines the challenges for these rural areas, which include:

  • Economic and technological dislocation,
  • Exurban-type sprawl residential development,
  • International competition and regulatory pressures for local resource-based economies,
  • A lack of access to affordable, high-speed broadband services and,
  • Persistent lack of living wage employment opportunities.

Strategies that will be funded and supported to address these identified strategies include Rural Regional Planning and Development Assistance, Regional Infrastructure Enhancement, and Rural Entrepreneurship development activities.


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