An Interview With Easton Mayor Bob Willey

EEDC spoke to Mayor Bob Willey last week about the Easton’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is his response.

EEDC: What changes have been made in Easton to help deal with the Corona virus crisis?

Mayor Willey: We’re going to go ahead, and as long as possible, keep the normal operations of the town in operation. But changes we have made include: We eliminated public access to the town office buildings, although people can make payments for fees, fines, etc. via telephone and credit card. We are reducing the number of employee contacts with the outside customer, such as building inspections rental housing inspections, and so forth. We’re only doing them on an emergency basis or to keep a business operating. All parks and recreation organized activities have been curtailed completely until the second or third week of April. We’re reducing the number of zoning and zoning type questions until after this coronavirus issue is settled.

EEDC: The next town meeting is scheduled to be held on the first Monday in April. How will that be handled?

Mayor Willey: If there’s nothing that’s really important or any major issues, we may cancel it.  If we do have it, it will be similar to the one we held last week where we didn’t permit public attendance. The meetings are televised as they are presented, and we’re looking at additional ways for everyone to view future meeting. Anyone who wants to make a comment is certainly free to do so by mail.

EEDC: What do you want Easton residents to know?

Mayor Willey: We’re in this for the long haul. As long as the Federal and State governments feel there’s an issue, we’re going to continue following their guidelines. We are open. You can call the town office anytime from 8:30 am to 4:00 daily. We will answer your questions, put you in touch with the correct person. However, although we’re open, we’re handling business on a limited basis. It’s a really not business as usual but we are trying to cope with as many issues and questions as we possibly can.


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