Easton Utilities Performs Annual Tree Planting

Following the annual employee meeting, all Easton Utilities employees participate in a community tree planting event. This year they planted 38 trees on Commerce Drive and at John Ford Park. “I find this tradition personally rewarding as it combines teamwork and environmental stewardship with pride for our community,” said Hugh E. Grunden,
President and CEO of Easton Utilities.


The entire staff of Easton Utilities planted trees, spread mulch, and placed slow-release watering bags
on a variety of trees including Pin Oak, London Plaine, Red Maple, Kwanzan Cherry, Nellie Stevens Holly, Sweetbay Magnolia, Green Giant Arborvitae, and Cryptomeria Japonica. Easton Utilities
Commissioner Bill Stagg, a retired Landscape Architect, created the design for the Commerce Drive warehouse location.

The tree planting initiative is a tradition at Easton Utilities since it first began in 2008. Every employee is required to participate in some capacity following the annual employee meeting. Following a safety briefing, the teams embark on their mission to plant and mulch the pre-selected location. To date, Easton Utilities has planted over 470 trees to enhance the Town of Easton.


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