Chesapeake Harvest Presents Three Produce Safety Webinars

Webinar descriptions:

Keeping it Clean and Safe on the Farm January 26, 3-5:00pm. Join us for this webinar where we will delve into the why, what and how of food safety training for farm personnel, and best practices for cleaning and sanitizing food and equipment. We will virtually visit Whitelock Community Farm in Baltimore City where farm manager, Kimberly Raikes, and her crew will show and tell how they weave food safety into the daily routines on their urban farm, and the changes and upgrades they have made to make it easier to keep food safe while harvesting, washing and packing. Register here.

Water Water Everywhere! February 9 3-5:00pm Join us for this in depth webinar where we will talk about how to assess your water sources and systems for food safety – evaluating water quality, paying attention to potential sources of contamination, and practical strategies to reduce risks. We will virtually visit Dicot Farm in Waldorf MD where farmers Erik and Meghan will tell us about the water sources and systems on their farm, and how food safety impacts their decisions on irrigation and crop planning. Register here.

What to do with all the Poo?! February 23 3-5:00pm Join us for this in depth webinar where we will virtually tour Filbert St Garden in Baltimore City, an urban community garden that is also home to beehives, poultry, goats and sheep, and a composting operation. We will focus on understanding and assessing risks from wildlife, livestock, raw manure, and previous land use. We will learn the importance of paying attention to the sources of pathogens before you plant and then again before you harvest crops, and some practical landscapes and procedures that will reduce the risk of produce becoming contaminated. Register here.

3 Produce Safety Webinars


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