Town of Easton

To improve the accessibility of Town Hall for its citizens, the Town of Easton has been diligently working towards a significant reconfiguration of the entrance and the interior customer service and office areas.  With the blessing of the Historic District Commission and skilled assistance from the Department of Public Works, the exterior improvements will include the repositioning of two sets of double-doors.  Fitted into original bricked arch openings, the doors will highlight the locations from where old fire apparatus was deployed back when the building was the Town’s firehouse.  Citizen access will include a sloped surface for easy wheelchair maneuverability as well as a low-height brick wall topped with a concrete cap and perfectly positioned for seating by parade watchers and weary pedestrians alike.

The completed interior renovations will include a long countertop capable of serving multiple citizens at once.   There will be a lowered portion with knee clearance to make conducting business at the Town more comfortable for those deserving these accommodations. Updated equipment and carefully planned interior colors should round out this project well.

The project has been moving forward smoothly, and its completion is forthcoming.


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