Workforce Inclusion – “When announced at Davos, business leaders Listen.”

Workforce Inclusion – “When announced at Davos, business leaders Listen.”

In January 2019, a momentous discussion happened at the World Economic Forum’s annual summit, commonly referred to as Davos. “The Valuable 500” initiative was launched to spotlight the contributions people with disabilities have had to the business world, and to encourage leading companies to take the helm in spearheading inclusive hiring practices.

One of the companies already ahead of the game, Starbucks, understands that having a diverse workforce enhances their company business. Locally in Cambridge, Glenn Brown heads up one of the newest and busiest locations in Maryland.

Brown had this to say about their hiring practices: “At Starbucks Cambridge, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is our special sauce! Having a diverse group of partners on my team who love to come to work each day lays a foundation of understanding, teamwork, and compassion. Our customers can feel the positivity in our store.

We strive each day to create a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome. Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, one neighborhood, and one cup at a time.”

Brown’s statement is a testimony for the successful strategy of hiring people of all abilities. The international push to allow everyone an opportunity to succeed is not only important to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it important for the well-being of our communities on the shore.

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Kristen, the newest hire for Starbucks Cambridge, is in The Arc CCR’s supported employment program in Dorchester County.