The Town of Easton is governed by a Mayor and Council. Each of the town’s four wards elect a council member, and a fifth council member serves as President and is elected at large throughout the town. The mayor is also elected at large throughout the town and serves as the head of the administrative branch of the town government and supervises and controls the town’s finances. Current Mayor and Council members include:

Robert C. Willey, Mayor
John Ford, Council President
Al Silverstein, 1st Ward
Pete Lesher, 2nd Ward
Ron Engle, 3rd Ward
Megan Cook, 4th Ward

Easton is the county seat of Talbot County. Talbot County is governed by a council of five elected members. Additional information about the county’s governance, including upcoming meeting agendas and past meeting minutes, are available on the county’s website . Council members for the 2014 – 2018 term include:

Dirck K. Bartlett
Chuck F. Callahan
Corey W. Pack, Vice President
Laura E. Price
Jennifer L. Williams, President