Town of Easton: Workforce and Commuting

Town of Easton: Workforce and Commuting

The Upper Shore Workforce Investment purchased a data analytics tool called Chmura JobsEQ. Jobs EQ puts data at our fingertips in a user friendly format. So taking a look at the Jobs EQ data for the Town of Easton:

Employed in Easton: 15,539; First Quarter 2019

Prime Age Labor Force Participation Rate: 85.2%

Top 5 Occupations, Employment, Average Annual Wage

  1. Office and Administrative Support: 2412, $ 39,700
  2. Food Preparation and Serving: 1725, $ 25,900
  3. Sales and Related Occupations: 1693, $ 40,600
  4. Healthcare Occupations: 1616, $ 86,300
  5. Management Occupations: 886, $ 104,600

Commuting, All Jobs, 2017

  • Live and Work in Easton: 2,582
  • Live in Easton and Work Elsewhere: 5,134
  • Work in Easton and Live Elsewhere: 11,630

This data represents a very small sample of the JobsEQ Economic Overview Report for the Town of Easton. For a copy of the full report, email Dan McDermott at