Talbot County Chamber Workforce Development Task Force to convene

Talbot County Chamber Workforce Development Task Force to convene

The Talbot County Chamber Workforce Development Taskforce will host its first meeting on November 6, 2018, from 8:00 – 9:30 am, at the Talbot Chamber office.

This Taskforce is a collaborative effort of Talbot County Chamber of Commerce, government agencies and private sector community leaders. It will be an assembly of committed individuals who are willing to participate in this public-private partnership framework and create innovative solutions to address this economic development concern.

Selected influential leaders of the community have been invited to join the Taskforce to exchange ideas and create collaborative initiatives that will support their respective organizations in better serving the community.

Some of the anticipated deliverables coming forward from this initiative are:

  • Assessment of workforce supply and demand for the business community (manufacturing, retail, hospitality and service industries), non-profits, and the public sector
  • Development of Talbot Workforce Marketplace/Exchange Portal, for job seekers (entering or re-entering the job market, changing jobs, veterans re- entering the job market) through the posting of available opportunities, including internships, mentoring, startup/incubation and entrepreneurship connections
  • Occasional educational seminars for providing general guidance and advice for potential employers to present their perspectives and requirements, as well as for job seekers to learn and adjust to the job requirements
  • Occasional meet-ups, to create networking opportunities for job seekers,  entrepreneurs and angel investors


Please direct any inquiries about the Talbot Chamber Workforce Development Taskforce to:


Reza Jafari


Talbot County Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Taskforce


Alan I. Silverstein, IOM

President & CEO

Talbot County Chamber of Commerce