Public Access to Waterfront Property in Easton

Public Access to Waterfront Property in Easton

On August 2018, the Town of Easton submitted a grant application from Community Parks and Playgrounds Program in the amount of $200,000 for the development of Easton Point Park. The proposed park has been tagged as a way to add needed green space, while also reconnecting Easton to its waterfront heritage. Since most of the waterfront in Easton and Talbot County is privately owned, this would be the only waterfront property for public access in the Town of Easton.

The area, located on the north fork or the head of the Tred Avon River, is the former Public Works headquarters. Rather than sell this property, Mayor Robert Willey had a vision to redevelop the area. With extensive community input, the Town began exploring the idea of decommissioning the public works site.

To date, a bridge has been built, and a bike path is in the process of being completed. Next in line is the needed enhancement to make a complete green space for the park. This includes the removal and/or cleaning of the artificial surfaces and material, adding topsoil, improving park grading, aeration and conditioning of the grounds, adding millings for roadways, planting of trees, shrubbery, low maintenance flowers, etc.

Ultimately, the goal of Easton Point is to create a waterfront park that would be accessible and enjoyed by the people of Easton, while also balancing community expectation, economic vitality, and environmental stewardship.