• Create “complete streets” and “green streets” within the Study Area;


  • Provide meaningful opportunities for community engagement for streetscape/gateway designs.


  • Explore and implement design solutions for the Washington Street and Port Street intersection;


  • Improve the form and function of the MD Route 322 and Port St. intersection;


  • Consider opportunities to create public parking facilities within the Study Area, including on-street and/or public parking lots, and promote shared use parking facilities where appropriate;


  • Provide flexible design review whereby excessive on-site parking requirements are avoided if ample available parking in the area exists or will be built concurrently;


  • Ensure that the Rail Trail Spur Line is constructed in a manner that compliments the efforts of this Plan;


  • Promote the creation of a functional waterfront walkway, including a living shoreline, around Easton Point connecting Easton Point Park to the commercial development proposed by this Plan;


  • Promote and encourage the creation of boat slips along Easton Point;


  • Support efforts to designate the North Fork of the Tred Avon River as a “Federal Channel”, and support efforts to keep the channel open and navigable to marine traffic;


  • Work with the Talbot County Office of Tourism to support efforts to designate one or more destinations or waypoints within the Study Area on a kayak trail map;


  • Work with marine chart companies to put the deep water channel on navigation charts, and with recreational boating associations to inform their membership of the revitalized water access to Easton; and


  • Conduct traffic studies for all impacted areas.