• Create and implement a watershed improvement plan for the Study Area;


  • Create a living shoreline at Easton Point Park;


  • Encourage the planting of trees within the Study Area on private properties;


  • Plant trees within the Study Area on public properties, including Moton Park, Easton Point Park, and the Port Street right-of-way;


  • Explore potential funding sources to assist with tree planting efforts;


  • Ensure the creation of “green streets” within the Study Area;


  • Support efforts to eliminate on-site septic systems within the Study Area by allowing properties to connect to the Town’s wastewater system upon annexation;


  • Support efforts to evaluate and address contamination within the Study Area;


  • Plan for and address foreseeable impacts of sea level rise and significant storm events to ensure that the Study Area is protected and resilient; and


  • Encourage the establishment of storm water management and vegetative shoreline buffers that will not impede the efficient use of land within the Study Area.