The family of Frederick Douglass plans to install a mural to honor their ancestor in the Hill Community. The mural, painted by world-renowned muralist Michael Rosato of Cambridge, Maryland, will feature a timeline of the life of Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey Douglass and his wife, Anna Murray Douglas. Painted on panels, the work chronicles the factors that shaped Douglass as a man and advocate for human rights, highlighting his emphasis on education, and his work in a shipyard and The North Star newspaper. It will also focus on the family’s proud history of military service and illustrates Douglass’ lasting contributions to the progression of African Americans from slavery to the White House.


The panels will be attached to a 27ft x 9ft cinderblock wall constructed on the side of the SolidTops building along the Easton Rail Trail at 505 South Street in Easton.


An unveiling and celebration are planned for September 4, 2021.



The soul that is within me no man can degrade - Frederick Douglass


  • To inspire and educate through representational art
  • To tell the story of Frederick Douglass and his struggle for freedom
  • To present Anna Murray Douglass as an equal partner in the pursuit of the abolition of slavery and equal rights for all
  • To showcase Douglass' advocacy for reading, education, and military service as a pathway to prosperity and freedom for African Americans

Donations can be made to:

Operation Frederick Douglass on The Hill
c/o Mid-Shore Community Foundation
102 E. Dover St.
Easton, MD 21601


Eastern Shore Bailey Family
Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives
Michelle Garcia-Daniels, Rochester, NY
Michael Rosato, Cambridge, MD
SolidTops, LLC, Easton, MD
Rauch Engineering, Easton, MD
Jack Construction, Easton, MD
Talbot County Economic Development and Tourism
Easton Economic Development Corporation
Town of Easton
State of Maryland Arts Council
Addie Eckardt
Johnny Mautz
Maryland Commission on African American Affairs and Culture
Patuxen Building Supplies
West & Callahan


Special appreciation:

Richard Tilghman & Amy Haines
Patrice Miller
Richard Marks