Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Update

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Update

After approximately two years’ work to create a Mixed Use Waterfront Zoning District, the MXW District, the Easton Planning and Zoning Commission and Planning staff are gearing up for the next significant long-range planning project. This will be a comprehensive update of the Zoning Ordinance as a whole.

While the Planning Commission often considers or proposes individual amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, the comprehensive update is an opportunity to look at the entire document and forward an updated version to the Town Council for repeal and reenactment of the laws that govern land use in the Town of Easton. In theory, any or all of the existing Ordinance could be changed through this process, but the Commission has identified the following topics as those likely to be the main focus of this project:

  • A substantially revised Planned Unit Development (PUD) Article.
  • Potentially, a substantially revised (or perhaps simply a clarified) Sign Regulation Article.
  • Incorporation of a mechanism for increasing residential density in, and possibly near, Downtown.
  • Consideration of a potential new Zoning District for the portion of Port Street between Easton Parkway and Washington Street.
  • Any requests for rezoning of property. The Commission is required to solicit and consider requests for the rezoning of property from Town property-owners.

The Commission has discussed a tentative schedule for this task. It envisions kicking the process off in February and continuing with a series of special and regular meetings, much like those held during the creation of the new MXW regulations. All such meetings will be open to the public and there will ultimately be at least one public hearing on a proposed new Ordinance.