Easton’s business community draws from a population of 166,000 and a workforce of 90,000 within a 25-mile radius of downtown. Easton’s workforce is well educated and talented:

2017 Talbot County High School Education Attainment Rate:

Graduation rate of high school seniors: 90.2%
High school graduates entering workforce: 11.25%
Graduates going on to higher education: 86.26%
Graduates entering military service: 2.50%
Class of  2017 Scholarship were awarded : 11.9 million

Talbot County Population by Education:

No high school diploma: 5.1%
High school graduates: 11.7%
Some College: 28.2%
Completed AA degree: 9.9%
Completed Bachelors degree: 23.6%
Graduate degree: 21.5%

Workforce Distribution:

White collar jobs: 63.3%
Service jobs: 16.5%
Blue collar jobs: 20.2%

Additional economic data and information about education in Easton are available on our site.