Incentives & Taxes

Incentives & Taxes

Talbot County offers the lowest real property tax rate in the State of Maryland, making it an ideal location to launch or expand a business. Additionally, there is no personal property tax imposed by either the county or the Town of Easton. Talbot County has no corporate income tax and its personal income tax rate is among the lowest in Maryland.

Through our partnership with the Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development (DBED) , the EEDC is able to offer competitive incentives for businesses expanding or relocating to Easton. Contact us to discuss your business, and we’ll help identify the resources and incentives that will help you succeed in Easton.

Talbot County Real Property Rate* (unincorporated areas): 0.5811
Talbot County Real Property Rate* (within Easton): 0.4481
Town of Easton Real Property Rate*: 0.5200
Total Real Property Tax Rate* within the Town of Easton: 0.9000
*per $100 of assessment

Talbot County Personal Property Rate: 0
Town of Easton Personal Property Rate: 0

Talbot County Personal Income Tax Rate: 2.40%

Talbot County Utility Tax: 0.95
Town of Easton Utility Tax: 1.30
Total Utility Tax within the Town of Easton: 2.25