Partner Organizations

Partner Organizations


The EEDC has built partnerships with many key organizations whose missions and services align with our own. These partners will help us achieve great results with each of our signature projects.

Talbot County Office of Economic Development

The Talbot County Office of Economic Development supports networks and resource referrals for business attraction, retention, and expansion. The Office of Economic Development serves Talbot County’s 1,458 businesses; promotes infrastructure that includes seven industrial parks, an extensive network of high-speed fiber and major roadways, and a National General Aviation Airport; and leads the county’s strategy for economic growth and development.

Talbot County Chamber of Commerce

The Talbot County Chamber of Commerce serves 800 members representing 8,000 employees. Its objective is to preserve and promote the free enterprise system of business and to advance the interests of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Talbot County, and its trading area.The Chamber maintains and distributes business and civic information; participates in the consideration of local, state and national issues of concern to its membership; and builds partnerships with government, education and other organizations that impact itsmembers’ ability to do business.

Talbot County Office of Tourism

The Talbot County Office of Tourism works to promote the balance of rural simplicity and urban refinement that is so unique to Talbot County. The Office of Tourism markets thecounty’s many attractions including fine dining, museums and galleries, outdoor recreation, and nationally recognized art, music, and food festivals.

Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center

Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC) is a nonprofit organization working to help entrepreneurs venture ahead on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, ESEC strives to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that results in personal wealth creation, which in turn adds to the growth of community resources and services.

Easton Business Alliance

Named one of the Best Small Towns in America, Easton, Maryland is called home by over 16,000 people, and visited by many more throughout the year. The commercial hub of the Mid-Shore, Easton is known for its vibrant culinary and arts communities and its historic downtown. The mission of the Easton Business Alliance is to enhance and promote the culture and business community in the Town of Easton.

Mid Shore Regional Council

The Mid-Shore Regional Council was created in 2001 via enabling legislation proposed by the Eastern Shore Delegation in response to recommendations made in the Governor’s Eastern Shore Economic Development Task Force Report.

The Mid-Shore Regional Council operates as a cooperative regional planning and development agency within Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot Counties to foster physical, economic and social development. The Council initiates and coordinates plans and projects for the development of human and economic resources.

The Mid-Shore Regional Council is a federally designated Economic Development District (an economically distressed area) that enables federal funding to the region through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.

Future Harvest / Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Future Harvest CASA’s mission is to provide education, networking, and advocacy to help build a sustainable Chesapeake foodshed. Serving a region that encompasses the states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia, Future Harvest CASA works to strengthen local food economies and farms while protecting the region’s land, water, and air.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy 

The Eastern Shore Land Conservancy (ESLC) is a private non-profit corporation that seeks to preserve land on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in order to keep prime farmland in agriculture, to protect unique natural areas, and to perpetually monitor those lands to ensure that preservation is permanent. The core function of the ESLC is its Land Protection Program, which helps private landowners explore and implement various preservation options.

Easton Memorial Hospital 

Part of the University of Maryland Shore Health System, Easton Memorial Hospital is a 173-bed facility that provides general hospital, emergency, and specialized services. The hospital serves over 37,000 patients from throughout the Mid-Shore region each year. Plans are currently underway to build an expanded facility near Easton Airport on the north side of Easton.

Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development

DHCD worksto revitalize communities, assisting families in buying and preserving their homes and creating safe, affordable rental housing. DHCD has helped to enhance the quality of life for families throughout the State of Maryland.

Chesapeake College

Chesapeake College is a community college serving the counties of Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, and Queen Anne’s. The college offers a large selection of credit and continuing education offerings designed to help students prepare for transfer to upper level institutions, for immediate entry into a career, or for enhancing work-related skills.

Chesapeake Culinary Center 

Located in the Town of Denton, the Chesapeake Culinary Center provides training and education in the culinary arts for high school students and adults. Their facility includes a commercial kitchen, pastry kitchen, storage space, and classroom and meeting space. Entrepreneurs are able to book time in the commercial and pastry kitchens at affordable hourly rates.

Town Creek

The Town Creek Foundation, located at 114 S. Washington Street, Easton, is a private philanthropic foundation dedicated to a sustainable environment.  To support this mission, the organization makes grants to non-profit organizations that work to promote ecological sustainability.


The United States Department of Agriculture, through their Agricultural Marketing Service,  provides grants, loans, and other support to local and regional communities to expand their food systems and strengthen their economies.  Through the AMS, the EEDC received a 2016 Local Food Promotion grant to fund the operations of the Chesapeake Harvest project “Connecting Farmers to Markets”.