Culture Crossing List of Exhibitors for September 18, 2022

The following Culture Crossing vendors will be participating from 10 AM – 2 PM on Saturday, September 18, 2022
Jen Spencer, CatchPenny Crafts:  Assortment of fabric crafts, such as stuffed animals, handbags, embroidery, and embroidered items.
Jillian Agee, Whimsy Goat Soaps:  Goat milk soap produced on her farm, organic and handcrafted
Whitney Elliot, Double Rainbow Design:  Artistic macrame, featured in Beyonce’s Black women in business
Vineeta Stottelmyer:  Handcrafted coastal themed jewelry
Gabriela Biddle, That’s Sew Gabby:  Seamstress specializing in upcycled handbags, accessories, and alterations
Hannah Hannan, tattoo artist at Ink or Dye:  Illustrationist, wall art
Angela and Antoine Brooks, Twangela Crafted:  Wall hangings and sculptural macrame
Kelly Buckle, Tiny Terrariums and Gardens:  Air plant arrangements, floral arrangements
Connie Neaton and Nicole Berman, Crevan’s Crafts:  Mother-daughter duo repurposing household items, Christmas ornaments, and acrylic pour
Brittney Stevens, Sun Daze Jewelry:  Beaded jewelry
Kenny Fisher:  Aboriginal style art
Lorene Hawkins:  Stained glass
Gloria Faulkner:  Signs
Youth Booth:  Keira Smith
Habitat for Humanity Choptank:   They will be bringing their mobile tool shed!
Talbot Humane:   Animal/s TBD
Talbot County Voter Registration
Food Vendors:

Fried chicken and Hispanic foods–10 am to 2 pm


Tacos Belen (food truck)–10 am to 7 pm


Paletas Heladas Veracruz (ice cream)–10 am to 6 pm



Music sponsored by Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center (ChesMRC) in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month:
Los Compas del Rancho at 11 am
Grupo Gitano at 3 pm
Pasión Musical at 5 pm
There will also be a dance performance by Diego


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