If a small business wants to work for the Federal government, recognize that these contracting efforts require a long-term commitment of time, research, dedicated resources (staff and dollars) plus a short-, mid- and long-term market strategy. Though complex, the Federal business environment offers many economic advantages for small businesses that directly impact the employment growth and revenue enhancement status within their community.


Superb agency resource data is available to aid small businesses in identifying potential opportunities through such interactive sites as: 

Critical operational information can be found in agency and Congressional fiscal year budgets, legislative charters, plus annual and multi-year program plans. Agency mission, vision, goals and objectives statements may also provide clues.

Furthermore, the General Services Administration’s Federal Supply Schedules are newer, paperless vehicles utilized by the Federal sector to acquire goods and services from the small business community on a quick turnaround, limited competition basis.

Small businesses should review, evaluate and obtain a U.S. Small Business Administration certification particular to its specific small business type (e.g., Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned, Woman-Owned). This information can be found on https://certify.sba.gov.

The Federal sector is extensive, complex, mind-boggling at times, competitive and data heavy. It is recommended that small business entities concentrate their marketing research efforts on viable agency targets of opportunity. *****************************************************